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long drink

A long drink is a cocktail lengthened in particular by fruit juices, sodas, sparkling water, wine or beer and whose capacity is at least 12cl (4 fl oz), unlike the short drink which rarely exceeds 10cl (≈3 fl oz).

Capacity of a long drink

The capacity of a long drink depends above all on the glass in which it is to be served, for example a long drink made in a beer glass will be 25cl (≈8 fl oz), but the majority of long drinks are served in highball glasses (also called tumblers or collins), in this case the ideal capacity for an alcoholic cocktail is around 15 centiliters (5 fl oz). This capacity seems to be an excellent compromise allowing a cocktail not to be too intoxicating, without being too stingy about the quantity.

Non-alcoholic cocktails allow a more generous quantity since they are not alcoholic, again it all depends on the glass but 20cl (≈7 fl oz) seems to be a minimum.

Long drink families

  • Collins: Long drink composed of a spirit, sugar, lemon juice and sparkling water, shaken with a shaker and filtered into a Collins glass. Appearing in 1876 in "Bartenders Guide" by Jerry Thomas, we discover that a collins is a fizze but simply more large capacity, with another detail, the fizz is supplemented with carbonated water in a siphon while the collins is supplemented of natural sparkling water.

  • Cup: Long drink such as sangria which can be prepared in advance in a large container. Generally made from wine, it is copiously composed of fresh fruit and diluted just before serving.

  • Egg nogg: Long drink made from spirits, milk, sugar and egg, shaken with a shaker then filtered into a glass. Some Egg Noggs exist in a hot version.

  • Fizze: Long drink composed of alcohol, lemon juice, sugar, shaken with a shaker and filtered into a tumbler, then topped with sparkling water.

  • Flip: Some cocktails in the flip family are long drinks, they are generally composed of an egg, sugar and a spirit, shaken then sprinkled with nutmeg . Hot flips, for example, are long drinks because they are elongated in boiling water.

  • Highball: Long drink served on ice composed of a spirit and topped with soda (sparkling water, etc.).

  • Sunrise: This is the famous Tequila sunrise which has made "sunrises" a family, a sunrise is generally composed of a spirit, orange juice and grenadine syrup.

  • Toddy: Long drink composed of a spirit, sugar and still water, which can be drunk hot or cold.

  • Sling: Equivalent to toddy with added grated nutmeg.

  • Sour: Cocktail composed of a spirit or wine, lemon juice and sugar shaken in a shaker then filtered into a glass without ice. Although the majority of Sours are short drinks, some cocktails in the Sours family are long drinks, such as the Champagne Sour.

  • Sangaree: Long drink or short drink depending on each cocktail in this family, sangarees are composed of alcohol, sugar, sometimes a dash of port, and sprinkled with nutmeg grated.

  • Skin: Long drink composed of a spirit, hot water and lemon zest, hence the name "skin".

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