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A word from the founder

I like the authenticity of the cocktails, their original character

❝Bartender and mixologist for 15 years after having graduated with an additional qualification in bartending, it was without pretension that in 2012 I created Cocktail Mag.

Absolutely passionate about cocktails and their history, with my nose in old documents dating from centuries ago, I was keen to share the fruit of my mixological research, which is no longer on a site that does not not promoting brands.

As you may know there will always be debates around cocktails, cherry or not in an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan, bourbon or brandy in a Mint Julep, I like the authenticity of cocktails, their original character, and this is how you will discover them on Cocktail Mag, out of respect for the geniuses who created them sometimes centuries ago.

It is also to these geniuses Jerry Thomas, Harry Johnson, Robert Vermeire, Theo Proulx, Harry McElhone and many others that I would like to pay tribute through this site because they are the ones who invented or introduced into the world all these fabulous mixed drinks that we enjoy with so much pleasure, and so much admiration on my part.

Today Cocktail Mag has several hundred thousand page views per month, the site is available in 2 languages and I assure you there are still many cocktails resulting from my research that we will introduce you to on Cocktail Mag 😘❞

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