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Cliquet cocktail
Cliquet: a cocktail with a French name that designates a mechanical system.


For 1 person
4 cl whiskey
1 cl dark rum
1 orange

How to make

👉 straight to the glass / 🥃 old fashioned / 🍹 long drink (12cl) / ⏱️ 4 mn
  1. Squeeze an orange and strain the pulp.

  2. Insert ice cubes into an old fashioned glass.

  3. Pour the whiskey, rum and orange juice directly into the glass.

  4. Stir with a mixing spoon.


The Cliquet cocktail recipe has no known origin, so you can use any kind of whiskey according to your preference: scotch, rye or bourbon. In French, a "cliquet" (ratchet) is a mechanical blocking system that prevents a notched wheel from rolling back, but the relationship with the cocktail does not seem obvious. The cocktail would rather tend to have American origins and could date from before the prohibition period (1921-1933).

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