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Vodka Daisy
Vodka Daisy: a cocktail with character that has always kept its standard recipe.


For 1 person
5 cl vodka
2 cl lemon juice
1 cl grenadine syrup
1 cl simple syrup

How to make

Technique: shaker / Glass: martini, old-fashioned / Type : short drink (9cl) / Time: 4 mn
  1. Shake the vodka, lemon juice, grenadine syrup and simple syrup with a few ice cubes.

  2. Strain into a martini glass.

  3. Decorate with fruits of your choice (slice of orange, cherries, raspberries...).


The Daisy Vodka Cocktail is a short drink composed of vodka, lemon juice, sugar and grenadine (or raspberry) syrup.

It's a cocktail that wants character, its recipe was published in 1965 in "Old Mr Boston's De Luxe Official Bartender's Book" by Leo Cotton.

Originally, the particularity of Vodka Daisy was its glassware, it was served in metal cups, tankards or mugs.

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