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Bazooka Joe cocktail
Bazooka Joe shot: a recipe named after a comic book character.


For 1 person
2 cl Blue Curaçao
2 cl banana liqueur
2 cl Baileys

How to make

👉 layered / 🥃 shot / 🍸 shooter (6cl) / ⏱️ 4 mn
  1. Layer in the blue curaçao, then the banana liqueur and finally the whiskey cream (see How to make layered cocktails).


The Bazooka Joe recipe can also be made in a shaker, doing it in a shooter is still much more presentable, but it will be more appreciable in this case to refrigerate the ingredients beforehand. If you use banana cream instead of a liqueur, you will probably need to pour it first, so before the curaçao. The cream theoretically has a higher sugar level, so it can only be superimposed if it is in first position.

Bazooka Joe is the main character of a famous comic called "Bazooka Bubble gum".

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