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layered cocktail

How to make layered cocktails? Cocktail Mag explains everything you need to know how to layer cocktails like a pro!

in theory

Liquors and fruit juices

To make layered cocktails, it is essential to know the density of the ingredients so that they can be superimposed. Concretely, the sweetest (and therefore heavy) ingredients will be below, and the most alcoholic (and therefore light) ingredients will be above.

In practice

In practice, there are 2 solutions for making a layered cocktail.

  1. The first method, within everyone's reach, is done with a simple teaspoon. First apply a teaspoon to the inner rim at the top of the glass and then very gently pour the liquid onto the spoon. The liquid should run very smoothly down the glass, especially the first few drops.

  2. The second method is to use a device to layer the ingredients. The liquid you pour into this device will gently flow to the floating ball and layer the ingredients cleanly and automatically.

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