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The Bramble cocktail: a unique recipe that has never changed for several decades.


For 1 person
3.5 cl gin
1.5 cl lemon juice
1 cl simple syrup
1.5 cl crème de mûre

How to make

Technique: straight to the glass / Glass: old-fashioned / Type: short drink (7cl) / Time: 3 mn
  1. Fill an old fashioned glass with crushed ice.

  2. Add gin, lemon juice and simple syrup.

  3. Insert the blackberry liquor in a circular fashion.

  4. Decorate with 1 slice of lemon and 2 blackberries.


The Bramble cocktail is said to have been created in 1984 by Dick Bradsell at Fred's Club in London, it is very popular in England. Its recipe has never evolved and there is only one version, it always contains gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and crème de mûre.

This is one of the few cocktails in which we find blackberry flavors.

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