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Mary Pickford cocktail
Le Mary Pickford : un cocktail en l'honneur d'une star de cinéma hollywoodienne.


Pour 1 person
4 cl rum
7 cl apple juice
1 cl grenadine syrup

How to make

👉 shaker / 🥃 martini / 🍹 long drink (12cl) / ⏱️ 3 mn
  1. Shake the rum, apple juice and grenadine syrup with a few ice cubes.

  2. Strain into a martini glass.


The Mary Pickford cocktail was created in the 1920s but its inventor is not precisely known.

Mary Pickford, Hollywood star and wife of Douglas Fairbanks, was reportedly filming in Cuba with her husband and Charlie Chaplin. The invention of this cocktail is therefore perhaps attributed to Fred Kaufman, bartender at the Sevilla de Cuba hotel. Nicknamed "Little Mary", the actress would have won the Oscar for best actress in "Coquette" in 1928.

The other claimant to the creation of this cocktail is Eddie Woelke, bartender at the Jockey Club in Havana, Cuba and claim to the invention of the El Presidente cocktail.

This is the original version of the Mary Pickford cocktail, the classic version incorporates 1cl of maraschino and possibly a maraschino cherry as decoration. Some recipes even out rum and apple juice.

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