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Monaco : the recipe of a french beer drink.


For 1 person
3 cl grenadine syrup
11 cl lemon soda
11 cl blond beer

How to make

👉 straight to glass / 🥃 Beer glass / 🍹 long drink (25cl) / ⏱️ 1 mn
  1. Pour the grenadine syrup into a beer glass.

  2. Top with lemon soda and then beer.


The Monaco, a cocktail sometimes called tango panaché in France because it straddles the two lines, is an essential drink in bars in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and of course in the Principality of Monaco. The real Monaco recipe is made with grenadine syrup, as well as lemon soda and beer in equal parts.

Grenadine and lemon soda make Monacos very sweet and refreshing, unmatchable in the category of beer-based cocktails.

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