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Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom cocktail : the name given to the recipe for "orange gin".


For 1 person
4 cl gin
4 cl strained orange juice

How to make

👉 shaker / 🥃 martini / 🍸 short drink (8cl) / ⏱️ 3 mn
  1. Shake the gin and orange juice.

  2. Strain into a martini glass.

  3. Flute and insert an orange zest for decoration.


The Orange Blossom is a short drink composed of gin and orange juice, the first appearance of this cocktail in a book dates from 1906, it was in "Louis Mixed Drinks" by Louis Muckensturm.

In this Orange Blossom from 1906 we find additional vermouth, which was removed in all the works that were published afterwards. If we trust this 1906 book the Orange Blossom was originally almost a Bronx.

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