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Paloma cocktail
Paloma: the favorite cocktail of Mexicans, even ahead of the Margarita!


For 1 person
5 cl tequila
2 cl lime juice
8 cl grapefruit soda

How to make

👉 straight to glass / 🥃 highball / 🍹 long drink (15cl) / ⏱️ 5 mn
  1. Pour all the ingredients directly into a glass containing a few ice cubes.

  2. Stir lightly with a mixing spoon.

  3. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge or a slice of lime.


The Paloma is a well-known cocktail in Mexico since it has become the favorite cocktail of Mexicans, even ahead of the Margarita, it is composed of tequila, lime juice and grapefruit soda.

In countries where grapefruit soda does not exist, it is replaced by grapefruit juice mixed with sugar syrup and sparkling water, necessarily making the recipe a little more complex.

Palomas are very refreshing cocktails whose name means "dove" in Spanish, it is Don Javier Delgado Corona from the restaurant La Capilla in Mexico who would be at the origin of this recipe which is part of the official list of the IBA (International Bartender Association).

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