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Santina's Pousse café
Santina's Pousse café: an ancient cocktail from New Orleans.


For 1 person
1/3 Cognac
1/3 maraschino
1/3 white curaçao

How to make

👉 layered / 🥃 shot / 🍸 short drink (6cl) / ⏱️ 3 mn
  1. Layer the white Curaçao, then the maraschino and finally the brandy (see How to make layered cocktails?).


The Santina's Pousse café cocktail appears in 1862 in "Bartenders guide: How to mix drinks" by Jerry Thomas who indicates that this recipe was created by Santina, the owner of the famous Spanish establishment Santina's Saloon in New Orleans.

Originally, the ingredients of the Santinas shoot coffee are mixed.

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