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Tuxedo cocktail
Tuxedo: a daring union but which makes this cocktail very subtle.


For 1 person
3 cl gin
3 cl vermouth bianco
1 cl maraschino
0,5 cl absinthe
2 dashes orange bitters

How to make

👉 shaker / 🥃 martini / 🍸 short drink (8cl) / ⏱️ 3 mn
  1. Shake the gin, vermouth bianco, maraschino, absinthe and orange bitters with ice cubes.

  2. Strain into a martini glass.

  3. Insert a maraschino cherry into the glass.


The Tuxedo cocktail saw its recipe published for the first time in 1882 in a publication by Harry Johnson. It was not revealed until more than fifty years later when it was published by Harry Craddock in "The Savoy Cocktail Book" (1933).

Many make the Tuxedo cocktail with Old Tom Gin to respect the original recipe, for reasons of availability absinthe is unfortunately sometimes replaced.

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