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Planter's Punch
Planter's Punch cocktail: a fruity and refreshing recipe based on dark rum.


For 1 person
4 cl dark rum
4 cl orange juice
4 cl pineapple juice
2 cl lemon juice
1 cl grenadine syrup

How to make

👉 shaker / 🥃 highball / 🍹 long drink (15cl) / Tme: 5 mn
  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes.

  2. Shake the rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice and grenadine syrup with a few ice cubes.

  3. Strain into a collins glass.

  4. Decorate with a wedge of pineapple and a brandied cherry.


The Planter's Punch cocktail was first printed in the New York Times in 1908. In this article, the original recipe stated "One of Sour, Two of Sweet, Three of Strong, Four of Weak". Include 1 part lime, 2 parts sugar, 3 parts Myers's Amber Rum, 4 parts water and a dash of Angostura Bitter.

As for the origin of this recipe, there are several theories. One of these theories says that the cocktail was created at the "Planteur" hotel in Saint-Louis. Another theory says that it would be the companion of a Jamaican planter who would have made this cocktail so that the workers quench their thirst. This obviously goes back too far to be certain.

The recipe for Planter's Punch has come a long way and today bartenders generally agree to use the above ingredients. Some add a few drops of angostura bitters to the cocktail after shaking it as in the original 1908 recipe.

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