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Dark and Stormy
Dark and Stormy: a cocktail that has become the national drink of the Bermuda Islands.


For 1 person
6 cl dark rum
14 cl ginger beer

How to make

👉 straight to the glass / 🥃 highball / 🍹 long drink (20cl) / ⏱️ 2 mn
  1. Fill the glass with ice.

  2. Pour the dark rum directly into the glass then the ginger beer.

  3. Stir with a mixing spoon.

  4. Decorate with a slice of lemon.


The Dark and Stormy cocktail (also spelled Dark 'n Stormy) first appeared in 1990 in The New York Times.

Dark and Stormy is a registered trademark of Gosling Brothers Limited, a rum producing company. The cocktail is therefore traditionally made with Gosling, more precisely Gosling Black Seal 80 Proof.

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