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Bossa Nova cocktail
The Bossa Nova cocktail: a fruity recipe that exists in 2 versions.


For 1 person
5 cl white rum
2 cl Apricot Brandy
2 cl Galliano liqueur
2 cl lime juice
5 cl pineapple juice (or apple juice)*

How to make

Technique: shaker / Glass: highball / Type: long drink (16cl) / Time: 3 mn
  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes.

  2. Shake the rum, Apricot brandy, Galliano liqueur, lime juice and pineapple juice (or apple juice) with a few ice cubes.

  3. Strain into the glass.


The Bossa nova cocktail was named in honor of the famous music of Brazilian origin.

*There are 2 versions of the Bossa Nova cocktail, one made with pineapple juice and the other with apple juice. It's up to you to choose which juice and therefore which version you opt for...

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