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Shady Grove
Shady Grove cocktail: the recipe for a gin and ginger ale cooler.


For 1 person
6 cl gin
3 cl lime juice
1 cl simple syrup
5 cl ginger ale (Canada Dry...)

How to make

👉 shaker / 🥃 highball / 🍹 long drink (15cl) / ⏱️ 5 mn
  1. Shake the gin, lime juice and simple syrup with a few ice cubes.

  2. Strain into a glass filled with ice cubes.

  3. Top with ginger ale.

  4. Stir with a mixing spoon.


The Shady Grove cocktail, also called Shady Grove Cooler because it is part of the "coolers" family, is a smooth, sweet and refreshing cocktail that is even tastier than a gin fizz or a tom collins.

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