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7&7 cocktail
7&7 (seven and seven): a cocktail made with Seagram's Seven Crown whiskey and 7Up®.


For 1 person
5 cl whiskey (Seagram's Seven Crown®)
10 cl soda 7Up®

How to make

👉 straight to the glass / 🥃 collins / 🍹 long drink (15cl) / ⏱️ 2 mn
  1. Fill a glass with ice.

  2. Pour the whiskey then the 7Up® soda.

  3. Stir lightly with a mixing spoon.


The 7&7 cocktail (seven and seven) is so named because it is made with Seagram's Seven Crown® whiskey and 7Up®, a famous lime-based soda (lime).

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